Lawn mower maintenance in winter

Source: ZHEJIANG HEHONG TOOLS CO.,LTD.Publication time:2017-11-10

The lawn mower is stored for more than 30 days in winter:

First, let off the fuel in the tank and start the gasoline engine until it runs out of fuel;

Secondly, the engine oil is removed first, and then the new oil is added to the proper grade according to the recommended grade;

Third, remove the spark plug, drop 5-10 ml of oil into the cylinder, turn the crankshaft ring, install a spark plug;

Fourth, cleaning the cutter head, body, cylinder, cylinder head radiator, wind shield, mesh cover and dust and debris around the muffler.

Fifth, it should be placed horizontally on the ground, and cloth is used to cover the mower to prevent dust from falling into the ground.

Sixth, clean the mower thoroughly. In the winter long time idle front mower, thoroughly clean the mower bottom, deck and tank cover, so as to avoid residual weeds and mud caused by erosion of agricultural machinery. Before cleaning, remove the spark plug and open device, hose, putty knife, car cleaning agent from the undercarriage and deck to remove accumulated impurities. Remove the sediment from the vent hole of the mailbox with a brush to prevent the air hole from blocking.

Seventh, remove oil stains. Greasy dirt will react with the equipment for a long time, which will cause the paint on the surface of the equipment to fall off, so it should be cleaned in time. When the grease is removed, the degreasing agent is sprayed in the place where the grease is in the equipment, and then it is set aside for 10-15 minutes. Then it is wiped with a towel and washed with water at last.

Eighth, prevent the rust of the exposed part of the mower. The lubricant can be sprayed on the exposed part of the mower to prevent rust effectively. Keep the mower in a dry place.

Ninth regular inspection of wearing parts. Develop regular inspection of vulnerable parts habits, timely replacement of damaged parts, so that not only can improve the performance of the mower, but also to eliminate security risks.

Maintenance of various parts

Brush cutter is two stroke power, the use of such power, transmission and tool, can ensure the normal use of the machine:

I. engine

1. engine is a two stroke engine, the use of fuel for gasoline and engine oil mixture, mixed oil ratio is: two stroke special oil: gasoline =1:50. Gasoline use more than 90, oil use two stroke engine oil, symbol is 2T, must use brand oil, it is best to use special oil, strictly prohibit the use of four stroke engine oil. That new machine in the first 30 hours after 30 hours with 1:40, according to the normal ratio of 1:50 with oil, determined not to exceed 1:50, otherwise too dilute concentration will cause the machine cylinder. Please strictly follow the machine attached with pot with oil, not according to the estimated random distribution. Mixed oil is best available now. No use of mixed oil for a long time is prohibited;

2. before working, run for several minutes at low speed and then work again. When the engine is working, the throttle is normal and the speed is high. Every work tank of oil, should rest for 10 minutes, after each work to clean the radiator of the machine, to ensure heat dissipation;

3. spark plug every 25 hours to take off, with dust on the electrode wire brush, adjust the gap to 0.6-0.7mm as well;

4. air filter each 25 hours to remove dust, dust should be more frequent. Foam filter cleaning uses gasoline or washing liquid and clean water, squeeze cold dry, and then soak the oil, squeeze the excess oil can be installed. If you print "DON NOT OIL", you don't need to add oil;

5. the muffler is used every 50 hours to remove the muffler and clean up the carbon on the outlet of the muffler and the muffler.

6. fuel filter (oil suction head) remove impurities every 25 hours.

Two. Drive part

Grease the reducer (working head) every 25 hours, and add grease to the joint of the upper part of the drive shaft and the clutch disc.

Three, tool part

Nylon cord head should be controlled longer than 15 centimeters. The blade must be fitted and balanced.

Four, the use of security

Before the operation, check whether the components of the mower are firmly installed, and within 20 meters, no people or animals are allowed to move around. There must be no angle check on the grass, stones and other debris, remove the debris on the grass.

Five. Storage

When storing, the body must be cleaned, the mixed fuel is released, the fuel in the vaporizer is burned; the spark plug is removed; the 1-2ml two stroke oil is added into the cylinder; the starter is pulled 2-3 times, and the spark plug is installed.

Six, filling oil matters needing attention

Oil lubrication of the mechanical parts of the cylinder, through the oil splashed round, keep oil splashing, cleaning, lubricating and cooling on the mechanical parts of the oil filling, if too much will cause a lot of emulsification and bubbles, but also can not put oil splashing, and thus can not play the role of lubrication, the cylinder temperature. So the mower can't use too much oil in the process of using.