After the use of maintenance method of cutting machine

Source: ZHEJIANG HEHONG TOOLS CO.,LTD.Publication time:2017-11-10

First of all, it is all clean; secondly, check all the screws, oil, air filter, blade has no defects; thirdly, according to the useful life of the lawn mower, strengthen the inspection or replacement of wearing parts. Periodic maintenance is more important.

Maintenance of engine oil

Check the oil surface before you use the lawn mower to see if it's in the middle of the oil dipstick. The first 5 hours should change the oil, 10 hours after the oil should be changed, and then change the engine oil according to the situation. When you change the oil, the engine should be in the heat engine state, so that the old oil can be completely replaced. If excessive oil will appear: difficult to start, or black smoke is particularly large, or small power (cylinder carbon deposition is too much, spark plug gap is small), or the engine heat is too large. If too little oil will appear: the engine gear noise or damage, or piston ring wear and damage, or lava phenomenon, resulting in serious engine damage. Therefore, the maintenance of the oil is very important.

Maintenance of carburetor

Every time the gasoline is added, it should be filtered by the strainer and can not be placed in the tank for a long time. The carburetor is cleaned with special cleaning agent for the carburetor, and the cleaning cycle is determined according to the degree of the carburetor. If the carburetor fails, the engine can not start or start immediately after flameout, it should be cleaned.

Replace oil oil: oil change, regular process should be stopped in a heat engine, remove the spark plug ignition in the cutter bottom oil sump oil drain hole drain, also can open the filling mouth, the machine left oil (air filter must be in the upper part). Clean the oil, restore, and add the proper oil to the specified scale. The period of changing the engine oil is usually changed from 5 to 8 months.

5 hours after the first operation of the mower, the engine oil should be replaced, and the engine oil should be changed every 30-50 hours. The standard of replacing oil is 50W in summer and 5-30w in winter. When the engine is stopped, the spark plug is removed immediately after the ignition line is removed. The oil is cleaned and restored, and the proper oil is added to the specified scale.

Attention: the waste oil should be kept well and should not pollute the environment.

Waste engine oil pollution of the environment is shocking: the treatment of waste mineral oil, the main use of molecular distillation and membrane filtration two technologies. These two kinds of tufa refining, will produce heavy metal waste, waste water, waste gas, black oil in the disposal process, arbitrary landfill emissions, great pollution to the environment, 1 tons of waste oil refining wastewater can produce 1 million tons of groundwater pollution. It's absolutely frightening. In addition, this method is flammable and explosive in the process of production, and it is prone to safety accidents. These illegal use of waste oil products into the market, and will damage the interests of consumers. According to the environmental protection department, once the waste mineral oil penetrated into the soil, the soil could not be repaired for decades. In order to eradicate pollution, we must dig deep and remove all the contaminated soil. If the infiltration of groundwater, the consequences will be unimaginable; if not handled properly, 1 pounds of waste oil can pollute 1000 tons of clean water, which is equivalent to 7 people a year of drinking water.

The proper name of the mower is to lubricate, cool, clean, and strengthen the sealing of the piston. The machine is used for a period of time, with the dust in the air and into the machine wear metal chips into the oil and oil heating, movement, its performance will decline, reducing the service life of the machine, and even cause the holding tile, cylinder, connecting rod fracture accident. Therefore, the engine oil should be changed according to the specification so as to ensure the normal use of the machine.