The product features of hedge trimmer

Source: ZHEJIANG HEHONG TOOLS CO.,LTD.Publication time:2017-11-10

1. absorb the technical advantages of Japan, strong and stable power, cylinder wall after chromium plating, coupled with the strengthening crankshaft, greatly extend the service life of the engine.

2. parts precision; integrated sealing bearing effectively prevent the traditional needle roller bearing frequent card machine disadvantages, thereby reducing the user's maintenance costs.

3. efficient and durable blade; work efficiency is improved; the workload of the day is equivalent to the amount of labor of 15-20 workers, the user's use cost is greatly reduced.

4., various styles, customers can choose a single blade, or blade blade. Safe and reliable performance; easy operation, comfortable and simple.

Hedgerow machines use if the oil distribution not easy cylinder, the following are some precautions before use:

Hedgerow machine before use should pay attention to the three aspects of power, transmission and tool:

1, engine:

A, qualified gasoline and engine oil, to ensure the mixing ratio (25:1);

B, regular (25 hours) check, replace the air filter to check the spark plug;

C, each work a box of oil, should rest for 10 minutes, after each work to clean the machine gasket, to ensure heat dissipation;

D, storage, must clean the body, release the mixed fuel, the carburetor fuel burning; remove the spark plug, into the cylinder to add 1-2ml two stroke engine oil, pull the starter 2-3 times, equipped with spark plug.

2, transmission: regular (25 hours) to add grease

3, tool: regular (25 hours) check the upper and lower blade clearance, and timely adjustment (interval is the half thread interval of the bolt), keep the edge sharp. each

Work for an hour, add oil to the blade, trim the diameter of =10mm.

Hedgerow machine quality discrimination:

Work Hedgerow machine strength, so the product quality requirements are very strict, the purchase and distribution of a hedge trimmer brand must be careful.

First look at the appearance, the overall work beautiful, accessories tight connection, material toughness and high strength. Then listen to the sound of the engine after the ignition, less noise, sound quality of good, such as a special tool can measure the rotational speed, usually idle at around 2450, the highest 10000 turn above can ensure that the work efficiency of domestic hedge trimmer is difficult to achieve this target.

Hedgerow machine condition is more harsh, so the blades and rod member strength have higher requirements, the air filter is the part that can not be ignored, the sealing and filtering effect directly determines a life of engine.

Another hedge trimmer is recommended for high quality oil, imported high-quality oil concentration 1:50, domestic oil is generally 1:25.

Hedgerow machine accessories are commonly used spark plug, start to pull the rope and pull disc, filter, cylinder, piston, piston ring, blade, rod.