Using the method of Hedge machine products and the matters needing attention

Source: ZHEJIANG HEHONG TOOLS CO.,LTD.Publication time:2017-11-10

Hedge trimmer is a two-stroke power, a power transmission, should use tools and attention, to ensure normal use of the machine:

1, engine:

A, qualified gasoline and oil, to ensure the mixing ratio (25:1 or 18:1 to see the proportion of the machine to mix);

B, regular (25 hours) check, replace the air filter to check the spark plug;

C, each work a box of oil, should rest for 10 minutes, after each work to clean the machine gasket, to ensure heat dissipation;

D, storage, must clean the body, release the mixed fuel, the carburetor fuel burning; remove the spark plug, into the cylinder to add 1-2ml two stroke engine oil, pull the starter 2-3 times, equipped with spark plug.

2, transmission: regular (25 hours) to add grease

3, tool: regular (25 hours) check the upper and lower blade clearance, and timely adjustment (interval is the half thread interval of the bolt), keep the edge sharp. Add oil to the blade every hour and trim the diameter =10mm.

Precautions for use

Please carefully read the instructions before using 1. by Hedgerow machine, the mechanical function and the use of note clear.

2. hedge trimmer is the use of pruning hedges and shrubs, in order to prevent the attack accident, not for other uses.

3. hedge trimmer device is cutting speed and activity, if the operation is wrong, it is dangerous. So when fatigue or discomfort, after taking cold medicine or after drinking, do not use hedge trimmer.

4. the exhaust gas of the generator contains harmful carbon monoxide to human body. Therefore, not in the greenhouse or indoor, tunnel ventilation under the local use of good hedge trimmer.

Please do not use all kinds of places below 5.

The foot is slippery, difficult to adhere to the same work posture.

Because of heavy fog or night, it is difficult to confirm the safety around the work site.

The bad weather (rain, wind, blowing when thunder etc.).

6. for the first time, please be sure to have the experience of hedge trimmer usage guidance, can start the practice lessons.

7. to reduce the excessive Weimi attention, and then become the reason of accident occurs, do not make work plan is too serious, every time the continuation of homework cannot exceed 30 to 40 minutes, and then to 10 to 20 minutes of rest, a day's homework time should be limited to two hours.

8. minors should not use hedge trimmer.